About me

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. Let me introduce myself.

Who is the woman behind this blog?
My name is Petra Wiebenga. I live in Flevoland, The Netherlands with my husband and our two kids.
I’m an artist who’s exploring mixed media and freestyle intuitive painting for self-discovery, self-expression, healing and connecting. I’m also sharing my experiences with the healing and wellbeing part of creativity and art-making.

Art journals are my first go-to, but I also paint and illustrate on paper and canvas.

I wanted to connect with likeminded people, share my passion and enthusiasm, so I started this blog. Please feel free to read, watch and react if you want to share something or if you have questions. You could also send me an e-mail or meet me on Instagram.

I love to…

★ … play with paint, paper, pencils, pens, etcetera, etcetera. Okay, let’s call it ‘art supplies’.

★ … express myself in journals and paintings.

★ … drink tea, eat chocolate or ‘stroopwafels’ and have a good conversation about life.

★ … read books. Preferably about personal development, spirituality, mental health, wellbeing, psychology, philosophy, creativity, art, crafts, education and where these fields cross each other. But I can also enjoy reading for my children.

★ … listen music, but I have a wide taste from rock to meditation music and a lot in between. It depends on my mood 😉.

★ … swim, walk, & bicycle.

Work in progress
This page is a work in progress. I will update it once in a while to tell you more about me.

Do you have any questions? 
Please feel free to contact me by sending an e-mail to: mail(at)petrawiebenga.nl
or send me a DM at Instagram: @petrawiebenga

I’m not a native English speaker/writer. So please bear with me when I make mistakes in my English, or let me know so that I can learn from you how to write things correctly. Thank you.

With love,

I am Petra, from The Netherlands -a creative blogger.
Art journaling is my passion. It’s also a powerful tool to explore the art of life, connecting the dots and finding inner peace when chaos rocks in- and around my head. I believe art journaling is a life saver for wellbeing, and I’m happy to share all I know and learn with you.