The start of a blog about art journaling

It all started with searching for a creative way to keep photos and memories of my newborn son in 2010. I discovered scrapbooking. After a couple of layouts I felt I could never keep up with all those photos I took digitally all day. There where so many special moments with my baby. Then Project Life came across and became my new addiction. Until I discovered art journaling, and especially mixed media art journaling.

All those years scrapbooking I felt something was missing. I was capturing all the memories for my children, in photos and words. But I missed something to express myself. To connect with myself and my own feelings. I found that ‘thing’ in art journaling. In rough years it was healing to put all my worries and sorrows with paint on paper. Art is therapy for the heart.

I’m so passionate about what art journaling can do for your wellbeing, that I decided to start this blog. To share all I know and all I learn. To inspire you to maybe experiment with expressing yourself in a creative journal too and feel what it can do.

Maybe it’s good to know that I’m from the Netherlands, so I’m not a native English speaker/writer. Please bear with me when I make mistakes in my English, or let me know so that I can learn from you how to write things correctly. Thank you.

With love,

NL (Dutch) P.s.: Ben je Nederlands? Kom ook eens een kijkje nemen op mijn Nederlandse blog.

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