The art of starting with art….

Finally I started with Wanderlust lessons and finished my first spread about relationships. It took me a while, because of …. Well… life happened. I forgot that the combination of running a family, running a business and having to deal with chronic disease (ulcerative colitis) and struggling with planning/executive functions due to adhd is a bit of a challenge (ugh… understatement!) Oh… and yes, I was procrastinating… because of fear that I’m not good enough at art making. Afraid that I’m not a real artist (ooh, there I said it out loud, scary!) ⠀

I asked myself: why do I art journal in the first place? To express myself, to give expression to ALL of my thoughts & feelings. To get them out on paper, to organize and control the chaos in my head. To better understand life. To rediscover who I am. To heal my inner child. ⠀

All with the same reason: to still the mind, find inner peace and be safe with BEing myself. ⠀

So what did I need to get started? I had to let go of the outcome and focus on the process of creating and learning who I am, what the world is about and (re)discover the reason why I’m on earth. What my bigger mission is. ⠀
I also had to allow myself to use the lesson as a free guideline or firestarter to get to work in my journal and follow my own timing. ⠀

Now I’m on a roll.. 😉 This spread is about relationships I treasure the most ♥️

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