Let’s start on Life Book

This is also my first year at Life Book, the online course of Willowing. And I’m so looking forward to it ♥️ Wanted to join for years earlier, but there was something holding me back. I did the summit this year (made this piece in a lesson of Tam.) Now I’m finally feeling ready to join the club in this magical year 2020.

So… what is Life Book? For those who not know…

“Life Book, a celebration and honouring of YOU”
is a year-long mixed media art class
organised by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.

Tamara and 30 other artists, crafters and healers are sharing their art, crafting and personal growth techniques. You’ll learn to create various mixed media pages with a holistic approach to creativity, self-development and healing.

It is art journaling on loose sheets of paper and you’ll be binding this into your own journal, your Life Book. That’s where the name comes from 😉

But this year there also will be classes about art doll making and basket weaving. And there are yoga classes, which I like and need.

All together I’m excited to start also this creative journey. I know it’s a lot of projects with all those different e-courses i’m into for 2020. But I trust that this multitasking in learning is my path. And I know I can do it.

I hope it will be a beautiful creative joyride with lots of healing art and a lot of new friends.

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With love,

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