Last course I start next week, but definitely not least, is Jot! by Marieke Blokland of Bloknote Art School

“This is what you’ll need to boost your creativity in 2020.” So she writes at her website. I’m a huge fan of Marieke’s raw & quirky artwork & journals. And I already took some of her classes through the years. I trust this also will be a fantastic and well-structured course in which I will learn a lot about how to jot down creative ideas, how to stay productive, inspired (although lack of inspiration is not my problem!). And I hope to learn developing my own style.

Yes, I know…. Style ís developing by doing. By being productive over and over again, even when you’ve got a bad day. Sit and create.

But with all these creative art courses I will!

Are you joining me in Jot? Nice to read below. Hope to hear from you.

With love,

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