* Art journal page * The real me… is.

“We came to this earth to experience it all. The messy and the beautiful. Show me that you’re human, I will kiss your scars. Celebrating everything, all that you are.”
(Lyrics by @fiaforsstrom lovely song ‘All that you are’)

The last years I was struggling with the question: Who am I? Who is the real me? Well, now (january, 1st, 2020!) I can say from the bottom of my heart: I am. Light ánd dark, in balance ánd chaos, with moody feelings ánd pure love and joy. I am both sides. I am it all.

Once again I quote Fia Forsstrom, because her words hit my heart and say it all:

“I am limitless, infinite, powerful, abundant, complete from the start, creator of all. I am. . . .

Which songs or lyrics are inspirational for you? Please share it with me <3

With love,

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